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According to The Wall Street Journal Study, small businesses don’t know that mistakes and errors in their business credit reports can hurt them in many different ways. Knocking at the bank door with a low business credit score means putting your personal assets at stake. With this score, you can’t set favorable terms with an alternative financial solution. The problem doesn’t stay only with your borrowing power. Your supplier asks you to pay cash on delivery or pay as early as possible. Most new businesses and startups don’t know how to keep their business credit reports accurate and error-free. They have little or no idea how to deal with discrepancies in their reports.

It’s where Business Credit Los Angeles fits well in the situation. When you don’t know how to check your credit reports and how to fix them, we come to help you. We provide guidelines on how to file a report, check it, and fix errors and mistakes. Every step and detail is available on our resource page for your ultimate guidance; all you need to do is check them.

Why do Business Credit Reports Matter in Your Business?

Here is why you need to keep your business credit report up to date and accurate.

Obtain Business Credit Easily

Your business needs money to run its operation smoothly. When you are a startup and have no revenue, you need to rely on business credit. After checking your credit report and scores, you will reach out to lenders and credits, who will set credit limits.

Get Business Credit Cards Fast

Every company that issues business credit cards checks the creditworthiness of your business through your credit reports, which provide a clear picture of your business’s financial situation.

Future Venture and Investors

You might plan to include new partners and investors in your business. They will decide whether to join your business or not based on your business credit reports.


As a consumer, you have many different sources to access your personal credit report free of cost. However, you can't access business credit reports unless you pay first and check your report
Three well-known credit reporting agencies create your business credit reports. Their names are: ● Experian ● Equifax ● Dun & Bradstreet
Have you opened or closed business credit cards, and now you want to report it to an agency? We can help you do that. We share a complete walkthrough guide that you can follow to report your business activities to major business credit bureaus.
The cost varies from one agency to another. We share cost details on our portal for your guidance as well.
If you provide an EIN on your application for a loan, then a business loan won’t affect your credit report. You can check our business credit reports to get more info regarding this matter.
Did you find some error or mistake on your business credit report? Worry not; we will tell you how to file a dispute and other ways to fix this issue.

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